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Oregon Beach Vacation Home Rentals make a great place for a vacation.   There are so many activities such as walking on the beach, fishing, surfing, kite flying, wind surfing, mountain trails, and the best air on earth, great sea breezes.

The best months on the Oregon Coast are June thru mid-October.  The rest of the year you may find rain, but we have experienced incredible Oregon Coast Weather with sun and 70 degrees during January and February, but be aware that those months are probably also the coldest, it just depends on the winds, and whether they come from the south or the north, and in the winter they are normally from the north, but you can normally walk on the Oregon Beach in any weather, but watch out for sneaker waves, they can knock you off your feet, and some people have been swept out to sea.  Also do not play on drift wood because people have been crushed when a wave comes in, so we caution you that the Oregon Coast waves can be dangerous, but have a fun time at your Oregon Ocean View Beach Property.

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